Special cement
Update Date: 2017-06-15
Product Brand

(1) the type

42.5 heat Portland cement, 42.5 high sulfate Portland cement

(2) property

With the appropriate composition of Portland cement clinker, adding suitable amount of gypsum, made of fine grinding have to resist a high concentration of sulfuric acid root ion erosion of the water rigid gelled material, called high sulfate Portland cement. Referred to as "high sulfate-resistant cement. Code p. HSR. Less than 50.0% C3S high sulfate cement, C3A is less than 3.0%.

Heat Portland cement code in p. MH, hydration heat 3 days no more than 251 kj/kg, no more than 7 days of 293 kj/kg. Low calorie and low heat release rate of heat Portland cement can reduce the internal temperature of mass concrete, reduce the concrete internal stress is generated in order to avoid producing micro cracks.


Sulfate resistant cement is generally applied to the harbour of sulfate erosion, water conservancy, underground, road and bridge, tunnel, culvert foundation and other projects. High sulfate Portland cement, commonly used in sulfuric acid root ion concentration is not more than 8000 mg/L of pure sulfate corrosion.

Heat Portland cement is mainly used in the surface of bitumen and its relief and water level fluctuation area requirements such as high abrasion resistance and freeze resistance as well as the mass concrete engineering.

(4) packaging

Bags (50 kg per bag of net content) or storage tank

(5) the quality :

GB 200-2003 GB748-2005 standard.