Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic window
Update Date: 2017-06-15
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(1) material:

Profile window door is made by means of cutting, welding, fittings on the sealing strip, tops, hardware, etc., at the same time to enhance the rigidity of the material, more than a certain length of profiles within the cavity add lining made of stainless steel doors and Windows.

(2) type:

1. Casement Windows: advantage is large open area, good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, permeability good performance.

2, push-pull window, push-pull window advantage is concise, beautiful, large picture window, glass block, eye shot is open, daylighting rate is high, easy to clean the Windows, the use of flexible, safe and reliable, long life, open, in a plane takes up less space, easy installation and window screen etc.

3. Open flat: is relative to other open way points, because the door and move, in turn, open book to lift, vertical lifting, rotating and so on.

4. Sliding door: the use of sliding door is rich and diverse, widely used in bookcase, mural ark, sitting room, showroom, push-pull type door, etc.

(3) performance indicators:

The wind pressure resistance, airtight, watertight performance, sound insulation, air sound insulation performance, lighting performance;


A lot of advantages of model steel window, good thermal insulation of window of model steel door, indoor and outdoor temperature vary; Good insulating window of model steel door stays, its structure through the elaborate design, joint closely; Window of model steel door impact resistance, good air tightness, water tightness, insulation and so on a series of advantages.

(5) product features:

1. Adopt multi-cavity structure has its own steel enhancement and drainage cavity, make steel liner assembly and processing of the sink each other independence;

2. Good day flat open doors and Windows sealing industry profile, more conducive to sound insulation, heat insulation, energy saving;

3. The advantage of sliding door window is Open Day industry profile flexible, easy to push and pull, save space;

4. Day industry profile connection with straight line, 90 degrees in any Angle, has realized the doors and Windows, and window of any combination;

5. Industry profiles finished beautiful window, stereo sense is strong, profile lucid and smooth lines, has a streamlined, made of glass, layering, casement produce strong stereo feeling on the vision, is energy conservation and environmental protection of green building materials products


standards JG/T 140-2005.